Iowa Pipeline Walk: Day 10

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 – Keomah Village, Iowa
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One thing I’m learning from landowners I meet along the way is that I am the first pipeline opponent most of them have heard from. They’ve had repeated phone calls and home visits from pipeline officials, who have been described to me as slick, persuasive and even aggressive.

As a result, landowners are getting a terribly lopsided perspective on the pros and cons of the proposed pipeline. Help change that by donating to support the Iowa Pipeline Walk. Click here today.Ed walking down countryside Medium, Medium
I am very grateful for the tireless efforts of my coworker in Des Moines, Shari Hrdina, and for the many, many volunteers along the route who are helping to make this Walk happen.

I am grateful for the landowners involved with the lawsuit, and the expenses and effort they are willing to incur to do their part.

I am grateful to the organizations working through the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition for the excellent work they are doing.

And I am grateful to the Republican and Democratic lawmakers who are working on a bill that would curb the abuse of eminent domain. That bill could potentially stop the pipeline in its tracks.

It is clear to me that this Walk fills a niche that is instrumental in the concerted effort to stop the pipeline. It’s important that the conversations I am having with landowners not be the first and last they have with pipeline opponents. Click here to help make sure the outreach and dialogue continue. I am confident that if landowners have more information, less of them will be eager to sell out to the pipeline company.