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HoQ Restaurant. Ed Fallon’s program has raised awareness about our commitment to serving Iowa-grown food. He has also introduced lots of new people to our restaurant first hand. – Suman Hoque, owner

Gateway Market and Cafe. “We’ve been promoting Gateway Market and Cafe on the Fallon Forum for the past three years. I feel that Ed brings forward and discusses many important issues. I believe that his audience is sizable, growing and made up of many people who we wish to reach.” – Paul Rottenberg, owner

Ritual Cafe. “We joke that Ritual Cafe is basically Ed’s office. His regular presence here brings us a lot of business, as does his promotion on the Fallon Forum and with his online community.” – Denise Diaz, owner

Community CPA & Associates. “I’ve supported Ed Fallon’s work for many years, and have appeared on the Fallon Forum many times. I answer people’s tax and accounting questions, and the exposure and dialogue has helped bring me new clients and grow my business.” – Ying Sa, founder and owner

Dan Kelley. “People tell me they’ve heard the ads for my real estate business on the Fallon Forum, and the ads have certainly helped raise my profile. As a realtor selling in a difficult market, the exposure on the Fallon Forum has definitely helped expand my client outreach area.”

Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility. “When we work on special projects, we can always count on Ed to support us with technical help, advertising that delivers as promised, and programming that is important to our mission. For an organization like ours, the Fallon Forum delivers help we need at a price we can afford.” – Paul Deaton, board member

Sargent’s Garage. “My name’s Graham Gormley and I own Sargent’s Garage. We’ve run ads since January, 2010, and we’ve seen a lot of business come our way. Dozens of customers specifically said they learned of our business from the Fallon Forum. Plenty of others probably come to us after hearing our ad but just didn’t bother to mention it. I’d estimate we spent about $2,000 on ads and have gotten at least two or three times that in new business, so far. Not a bad deal.”

Ganoderma – Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate. “Hey Ed! Thank you for everything yesterday! The phone was ringing off the hook last night and this morning after my appearance on your show.” – Jose Del Valle

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