Did a climate champion emerge from last night’s “debate?”

During the fifth Democratic “debate,” Big Media again reminded us why it is culpable in enabling humanity’s blind rush toward climate chaos. As was the case in the previous three debates, climate got short shrift.

Despite that, several candidates found opportunities to highlight the urgency of the crisis, inserting it into non-climate questions. Continue Reading →

Paradise, CA one year after the fire

Kendra Walters is a friend from western Iowa who has spent many summers in Paradise with her family. A year ago, the worst wildfire in California history devastated Paradise. Kendra has shared with me her family’s perspective on that trauma, and regularly updates me. Here’s a bit of what she’s shared:

“‘Then traffic stopped. The fire was so bad that both sides of the road were fully ablaze and covering the road with flames. I touched my window and the glass was so hot it burned my fingers. I called my boyfriend in case it was the last time I heard him talk. He tried to keep me calm, but I could hear he was scared, too. I screamed for traffic to move and honked and begged the drivers to start moving. I sobbed as I sat in the flames and realized I might not make it out. Continue Reading →