Joel Kurtinitis: Columnist, Trump voter

Iowans heard the lies over and over again during the DAPL fight. Once again, Big Oil can’t seem to tell the truth. The polar vortex had barely wrapped up its historic disruption of Texas’ power grid when fossil fuel’s spin room revealed the culprit: Windmills! Continue Reading →

Steve Sukup: Businessman, former Republican lawmaker, Trump voter

ED: What’s your take on the climate crisis?
STEVE: I think it’s real. I’m not necessarily convinced it’s all human-made at this point, but we definitely play a major part in it. We need to minimize our carbon footprint, that’s the first thing.
ED: Is your business, Sukup Manufacturing, taking any action in light of climate change?
STEVE: Yes. Last year we put in a solar field that now generates ten percent of our energy. We actually made the racking system for it. Whether it’s solar, wind, or ethanol, everything needs to be part of the equation to stop the increase of greenhouse gas emissions. Right now, we have to flatten the carbon curve. Continue Reading →

Weslie Phipps: Farmer, Trump voter

Weslie is the kind of guy you want on your side in a fight against a big, bullying corporation. He and I have found other areas of agreement, though choice of presidential candidates wasn’t one of them. Surprisingly, unlike many Trump supporters I talk with, Weslie was less enthusiastic about voting for Trump in 2020. Continue Reading →

Nik Refsland: National Guard Recruiter, Trump voter

ED: What’s your take on the riot at the US Capitol on January 6?
NIK: I do not think that Trump incited the violence, but I do think he turned up the heat.
ED: What about the guy carrying the Confederate flag into the US Capitol?
NIK: I would have punched him in the face. Continue Reading →