The price of cheap oil

Dear Friends,

I love my audience. You’re always putting me in touch with brilliant people that I’ve never heard of. Take David Cay Johnston, for example. Okay, so he’s a Pulitzer Prize winner, author of multiple books, a distinguished professor. Yeah, I probably should’ve heard of the guy. But I’ve been walking across the country, just trying to survive. (That’s now my default excuse for everything, ok?) Continue Reading →

Marchers return to White House to meet with President’s staff

Hi Friends,

Here’s a press release that just went out that I’d invite you to help circulate:

On Wednesday, January 28th at 10:00 a.m., twelve participants of the Great March for Climate Action will arrive at the White House for a meeting with Dan Utech, Special Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change and Rohan Patel, Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.

U.S. Constitution “Malled” in America

Dear Friends,

Bloomington City Attorney Sandra Johnson is coming after some of Minnesota’s most troublesome criminals. No, not drug dealers and murderers. Protesters – peaceful ones, in fact. Johnson is targeting organizers of a protest at Mall of America, where on December 20th people gathered in response to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Continue Reading →

Could cheap gas kill the pipeline?

Dear Friends,

Dr. Charles Goldman makes his inaugural appearance on KDLF 1260 AM this week. I always enjoy co-hosting with Charles – especially when he’s wrong, i.e., when we disagree, as we do on at least one of this week’s topics.

Here’s the line-up:

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Walking the (pipe)line

Dear Friends,

I have one request of you this week: Please forward this message to at least one media contact and your personal and/or professional network. Help get the word out now, so that when this walk begins in March, we’ll have a great list of contacts from which to organize meetings and events. From everything I’m seeing and hearing, we can stop this pipeline – despite the powerful, well-financed forces lined-up against us. Continue Reading →

Kill the Koch Brothers

I met Danny Lyon while on the Great March for Climate Action in New Mexico. Danny’s got a long history of brilliant writing, photography and activism. During our short time together, he became an ardent supporter of our March. This week, Danny sent me his latest blog post, under the provocative title Kill the Koch Brothers I thought, “Oh, Danny. That’s going too far.” But as I read the post I developed a very different impression. The piece is short, pointed and absolutely worth reading. Check it out on Danny’s Blog, Bleak Beauty. I’d be interested to hear how it affects you. Thanks – Ed

Labor’s moral compass

Dear Friends,

“What does labor want? We want more schoolhouses and less jails; more books and less arsenals; more learning and less vice; more leisure and less greed; more justice and less revenge; in fact, more of the opportunities to cultivate our better natures.” – Samuel Gompers, founder and long-time president of the American Federation of Labor Continue Reading →

Return to Radio

Dear Friends,

I tell you, when you’ve been walking 15-20 miles a day and sleeping in a tent for most of eight months, re-entry is tough. As I returned to Iowa two weeks ago, I thought about how much I wanted to be back on a Des Moines radio station. Given the corporate domination of the public airwaves, I knew this might be difficult or impossible. Continue Reading →

Nominations, not coronations

Dear Friends,

Democrats, don’t kid yourselves. An elite Establishment controls the Iowa Democratic Party, and they simply don’t like primaries. Nominating candidates is so old school. The Establishment prefers coronations. It’s less messy. And it’s less expensive, saving limited Establishment dollars for essentials like yachts, trips to the Caribbean and that new Lexus your trust-fund kid so desperately needs.

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