Support our small businesses

Dear Friends,

Here’s something to ponder: If the $2 trillion stimulus package were to be divided evenly among all 327 million Americans, we’d each receive over $6 million! Think about that when your $1,200 stimulus check arrives.

No doubt, Congress and the President needed to respond to the coronavirus crisis. It’s no surprise that the stimulus legislation is deeply flawed and will further pad the pockets of some already rich and powerful interests. Yet the fact that Congress responded quickly and in a bipartisan way is a big deal and, well, unusual.

Once we pull through this pandemic, perhaps Congress will again act decisively — paying attention to science, tackling the climate crisis, and moving humanity beyond a threat that makes the coronavirus look mild in comparison. I said perhaps.

Beyond those who’ve contracted COVID-19, their family members, and others at greatest risk (thank you, heroic medical workers!), some of the hardest hit Americans are small business owners. Most of us are struggling at this time, and it’s heartwarming that so many people are reaching out to those in greatest need. One thing you can do is patronize restaurants that continue to offer take-out service.

Three of my favorites — all owned by great people who live in our community — are Gateway Market and Cafe, HoQ Restaurant, and Ritual Cafe. They’re also long-time sponsors of the Fallon Forum. So if you value the alternative perspective we bring to airwaves dominated by right-wing fanatics, please support the businesses that make our program possible.

(To add a bit more perspective to the contrast, while Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity were calling the coronavirus a hoax, a fraud, and a Democratic conspiracy, our audience heard from a leading infectious disease physician in New Orleans Dr. Markalain Dery, Dr. Charles Goldman, and Dr. Stephen Goldman.)

On the most recent Fallon Forum, we talk with Suman Hoque, owner of HoQ Restaurant, and Maria Filippone of Noce Jazz & Cabaret about how the coronavirus is impacting their lives and businesses. We also talk with Dr. Stephen Goldman about the coronavirus and Adam Krause about the surging movement to turn our lawns into food.

Thanks for supporting progressive talk radio, and thanks for continuing to patronize the business leaders who make it possible. — Ed Fallon