Iowa Pipeline Walk: Day 12

Friday, March 13, 2015 – Northeast of Pella, Iowa
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It was a delight to have a group of Central College students join me this morning. As we wove our way through the fog and mud, they shared their plans, journeys and hopes for the future.

Photo by Steve Martin

Photo by Steve Martin

Photo by Steve Martin

Photo by Steve Martin

As happens with nearly every day of the Walk, I came away with a memorable encounter with someone living along the route. A man was unable to visit with me at his door, but later took the time to write this moving note:

“I want to thank you for your short visit to my home this morning. In the five years that I have lived in this house, you are the fourth person who has appeared at my door (other than family). You were the first to use the front door!

“Needless to say, I was delighted to meet you, to learn about your walk across the state, and its purpose. My wife and I appreciate your help in this matter, as we believe that the pipeline, if built, will endanger some of the most productive land in the world, the health of those living near it, and that the claim that it will ‘create jobs’ for Iowa citizens, is a load of crap.

“Your battle, OUR battle, will be a very difficult one. Big money is amazed that ANYONE would oppose them, but are willing to spend anything, defame anyone, gerrymander any voter district, destroy any natural resource to further their goals. Few have the guts, the brains and the resources to oppose them.

“My wife and I are both in poor health… (hell, our dog was hit by a truck last week and is a mess) but I would like to be included in your fight. I can offer little support. I am a disabled veteran living on the few bucks the VA sends. Having endured four open heart surgeries, I cannot walk with you, cannot do much to finance your fight. But I am quite interested in this and future political battles you join on our behalf, the people of Iowa.

“Please, Sir, add my name to your list of supporters. As in this matter at least, we are of one mind, and stay in touch if possible. Thank you for your work on our behalf.”

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