Election analysis — what next?

Dear Friends,

In a year of firsts, this week’s Fallon Forum was conducted over Zoom. In a free-flowing conversation for a full hour of election analysis, I’m joined by Kathy Byrnes, Rekha Basu, Pascha Morgan, and Charles Goldman (pictured at right, clockwise from upper left).

While it wasn’t a McLaughlin Group shout fest, the dialogue got pretty animated, even heated at times. I hope you’ll give it a listen, share it widely, and find value in our collective take on what’s transpired so far — and what might come next.

Here are three ways to check out the program:

Podcast on the Fallon Forum website

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Facebook livestream

Of course, the final chapter on this year’s presidential election has yet to be written, and no one can see how this will play out. Personally, I’m still convinced that Donald Trump and his merry band of ethically bankrupt attorneys will find a way to steal the election. All four of my guests, gratefully, think Joe Biden will come out on top. I hope they’re right.

We also discuss the reality that Republicans still control the US Senate and actually made gains in the US House, and how that might affect public policy. Perhaps not surprisingly, the conversation takes a sharp and controversial turn into the fate of Roe v Wade.

We talk a bit about the now redder face of the Iowa Legislature, where Democrats’ predictions of regaining the House and picking up seats in the Senate were thwarted badly.

Finally, we dig into what could happen as the race for president continues to unfold. Will there be violence? How effective might nonviolent action be in response? We don’t have all the answers, and among the five of us, there was plenty of disagreement on what’s likely to happen and what grassroots strategies make most sense.

I’d love to have your feedback on our conversation! If audience response is favorable, look for more of this type of programming in the future. Stay strong, stay safe, and stay engaged.

Ed Fallon



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