Can we have a little truth on socialism please?

Dear Friends,

Dr. Charles Goldman

The Goldman brothers (no connection to Goldman Sachs) host this week’s Fallon Forum. Writes Charles: “It’s now pretty clear that Republicans plan to have two points of emphasis in their 2020 campaign to retain control of the Presidency and the US Senate.

(1) They’ll protect us from the ‘socialists’ of the Democrat Party, and

(2) Their first order of business will be to pass the greatest health care program in history.

“Just kidding on the latter. Like Nixon’s promise to end the Vietnam War in 1968, congressional Repubs have zero intent to offer the American people a decent health care system. On this week’s Fallon Forum, we devote most of the program to examining the history of socialist movements in the US, assessing how socialist ideas led to changes in the role of the federal government and, in the process, saved capitalism. We also offer the Democratic Party suggestions on how it might answer the inevitable barrage of Republican dog-whistle accusations.

“Finally, we check in with the Iowa Legislature, to see what havoc has been wreaked to date and what more might be on the horizon as the session winds down. We’ll also look at how an obscure case before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission brought by, of course, a wealthy backer of President Trump, threatens to upend California’s ambitious carbon-free electric power goals.”

Thanks again to the Brothers Dr. Goldman —  Stephen and Charles — for an invigorating conversation. Hope you can check out the podcast, and feedback welcome.

Thank you.  –Ed Fallon