Making Maine even greater again

We’re inviting all presidential candidates to appear on the Fallon Forum, and responses are starting to come in. The following week — Monday, September 16 — Admiral Joe Sestak joins us at 11:05 for the first half of the program. We’ll talk about a wide range of issues and, of course, the climate crisis, about which Sestak says:

“Climate change and environmental collapse are twin problems that threaten the very existence of life as we know it on this planet. Solving them presents our generation with the greatest challenge in human history.”

Nice starting point for our dialogue! Continue Reading →

Bold Iowa straw poll

The biggest surprise is that Jay Inslee finished fifth, not first. Climate voters seem unwilling to reward Inslee for his singular prioritization of the climate crisis. They’re drawn to other candidates who appear solid on climate, yet who also resonate on levels where Inslee fails to connect. Continue Reading →

Come on Democrats, this is easy

Trump and Clinton are both emblems of the wealthy status quo. But Clinton couldn’t — or perhaps simply didn’t — run away from it. Trump’s off-the-cuff, unscripted crazy talk offered an intoxicating brew for an electorate bi-partisanly fed-up with politics-as-usual.

Trump was ready to pick up where the British left off in 1814 — burn down Washington and let the ashes scatter where they may. The fact that many Americans were, and still are, OK with “burn it down” is deeply disturbing. It’s also entirely understandable, given the extent to which the average American continues to fall further behind as more and more wealth and power accrue to a thin upper crust. Continue Reading →

March Against Detaining Asylum-seeking Families

We’ve seen widespread public outrage as more and more light is shed on conditions at US detention centers. Over 53,000 men, women and children are currently “housed” (i.e., imprisoned) at one of 230 centers. Meanwhile this past week, President Trump threatened the biggest-ever sweep of ICE raids, disrupting millions of lives and even forcing the cancellation of a major concert in Idaho. The raids didn’t transpire, but could ICE simply be biding its time? … Pascha Morgan joins us for the third segment of the program to learn about his plans for a 1,200-mile march to “put words like compassion, empathy, and human dignity into action” with regards to the official treatment of and common perceptions about immigrant families. Pascha calls it the March Against Detaining Asylum-seeking Families — or MAD AF. “Love of others can make you MAD AF,” says Pascha. Continue Reading →