All Eyes on Iowa

Dear Friends,

I feel such deep gratitude to all of you for the many kind, encouraging responses you shared during my 200-mile trek across Normandy to Paris for the U.N. Climate Summit. Truly, you helped sustain me in a difficult undertaking that presented unique challenges. Thank you from the bottom of my heart . . . and from the soles of my feet!

It’s now time to renew the intensive Iowa Caucus work I initiated earlier this year: sounding the alarm about the climate crisis and building opposition to the Bakken Oil Pipeline. For the next couple months, Iowa will be the center of America’s political universe. Can I count on you to be supportive again, this time financially? We don’t ask for donations often, but they are needed in a big way right now as my coworkers and I contemplate the volume and importance of the work ahead.

Tax deductible donations may be made to Climate Action NOW! If you can help with $100, $50, $25 or $10, every donation is appreciated and put to good use. And given our minimal overhead, your donation goes a lot further than it might otherwise.

My coworkers and the many committed people who have worked with us as volunteers plan to continue to bird-dog both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates on climate change and the Bakken Oil Pipeline. Working with other like-minded groups, we have already accomplished much:

– Both Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul have come out with strong statements against the Bakken Oil Pipeline.

– We’ve had dozens of one-on-one conversations with presidential candidates about the need for a full-scale transformation of our economy to fight the threat of climate change.

– We organized three “Rosie the Riveter Actions” to make sure the media and candidates can’t simply ignore climate change. A Rosie Action at a Donald Trump event landed us national press coverage.

Our Caucus work is ramping-up over the next two months. Iowa is in a unique position to elevate the importance of fighting climate change and stopping the pipeline. At Climate Action NOW!, we intend to use every resource we’ve got to maximize this opportunity.

So, please. Take a few minutes to donate today, either online or by mailing a check to:

Climate Action NOW!
735 19th Street
Des Moines, IA 50314

And tune-in to today’s Fallon Forum. Here’s our program line-up:

– Remembering the lives lost and sacrifices made at Pearl Harbor 71 years ago today, we’ll talk about how that tragedy mobilized America to come together to defeat Fascism, and what lessons we might learn from the “date that will live in infamy” as we contemplate the threat of climate change.

– Dr. Jay Brown joins us to discuss Governor Branstad’s privatization of Medicaid, and his concern that there will be no checks and balances “if the whole program is handed off to profit-minded, private sector companies to provide needed care for poor kids.”

– If many of the proposals floated by Republican presidential hopefuls at the recent Rising Tide Summit ever go from campaign rhetoric to public policies, freedom and liberty may be in bigger trouble than you think.

– We talk with Tim Snyder, an American historian, author, and academic specializing in the history of Central and Eastern Europe, and the Holocaust. We discuss his book, Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning.

– Finally, Iowa Senator Mark Chelgren takes political crazy talk to new levels with his proposal to execute some undocumented felons – a suggestion that even garnered a critical response from the Iowa Republican Party.

Hear the Fallon Forum live 11:00-12:00 noon CST on KDLF 1260 AM (Des Moines) and online. Call (515) 528-8122 to add your voice to the conversation. The program re-broadcasts Wednesday on KHOI 89.1 FM (Ames) at 4:00 p.m. and Monday at 6:00 a.m. on WHIV 102.3 FM (New Orleans).

Thanks! – Ed Fallon

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