Why income inequality is getting worse

Dear Friends

On this week’s Fallon Forum, Charles Goldman and Tom Jochum discuss income inequality. Writes Charles, “We dig into the fact that (what a surprise) workers who are not bosses are earning lower wages since the passage of the Trump tax cuts. Also, I’ll discuss that you get the Supreme Court you vote for, or ‘a week in the life of Little Scalia, a.k.a. Neil Gorsuch.'”

Charles has other topics on the docket as well, and writes, “I generally like to avoid Hitler references, especially when they’re used incorrectly. But this is important. We’ll discuss how Hitler admired and was influenced by American racism, and how we are far from the post-racial America supposedly heralded by the election of Barrack Obama.”

Charles also discusses, “How the Bible doesn’t just support the atrocity occurring along our southern border (as stated by Mass’r Jeff Sessions) but also is undergirding the anti-environmentalism of Trump acolytes such as Scott Pruitt. There’s a long history of Bible literalism that leads up to 35 million Americans believing that the end of the world will occur just as depicted in Revelations, and thus climate change is irrelevant. Unfortunately, they may be taking the rest of us with them.”

And if you missed last week’s program with Lora Fraracci and her guests discussing sustainable agriculture, check it out here: www.fallonforum.com/listen.

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Ed Fallon