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Ok, so let’s talk briefly about the proposed sales tax hike in Polk County. I’m agin’ it, but have no idea what kind of opposition exists out there.

So, today I created this Facebook page to get the conversation rolling. Who else in Polk County is against the proposed sales tax hike? If there’s enough of us, let’s organize to defeat it.

My reasons to oppose it are three:

1. We are already over taxed.

2. The sales tax is regressive and hits the poor the hardest.

3. Most local governments have the money to do what we need them to do, they just need to better manage it.

The powers that be want this new tax in a big way. They’re mobilizing to push it through with the least amount of public opposition. In fact, this election is scheduled on a date designed to minimize voter turnout, on March 6, 2018. Grr.

Who else is in to vote down this bad idea?

Ed Fallon

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  1. Matt Stuart

    I want to be included in whatever anti-sales tax efforts occur. Please add my email to any existing or future mailing lists.