The price of cheap oil

Dear Friends,

I love my audience. You’re always putting me in touch with brilliant people that I’ve never heard of. Take David Cay Johnston, for example. Okay, so he’s a Pulitzer Prize winner, author of multiple books, a distinguished professor. Yeah, I probably should’ve heard of the guy. But I’ve been walking across the country, just trying to survive. (That’s now my default excuse for everything, ok?)

Today we have David on the program to talk about the broader issues surrounding cheap gas prices. Yes, besides saving us money at the pump, cheap gas might help stop the Bakken Oil Pipeline and other fossil-fuel expansion projects. (I said “might.”) But what are the broader ramifications globally relevant to the climate crisis and political stability?

Also on today’s program, Kathleen McQuillen of American Friends Service Committee tells us about an upcoming conference featuring, among other great presenters, John Nichols of The Nation. The discussion highlights the corrupting role of corporate dollars in the political process and policy making, and what the average person can do about it.

Alex Morse joins us, too, to talk about his experience in Latin America and how climate change is impacting smallholder farmers there. The truth is, agriculturalists all over the world are far closer to the front lines of the climate crisis than many of us here in Iowa. Beyond the need to be concerned about our fellow human beings, we need to be paying tension because their story will eventually become our story.

Finally, Des Moines attorney Joseph Glazebrook joins us to talk about the pending historic US Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, which could mean that 2015 is the year where every gay or lesbian couple who wants to marry now has the right to do so — in all 50 states! Or . . . there could be an entirely different outcome.

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Ed Fallon