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Many people ask, “What can I do?”

You can…
1. Click this link to get up to speed on SSB 1276 (a bill that would stop the pipeline)
2. Contact your State Legislators
3. Contact the Iowa Utilities Board
4. Get involved in an organized group
5. Talk to your Neighbors
Continue to scroll down for links on how to find the people that represent you.

* STATE LEGISLATORS ***********************************************
To find the Iowa State Senator and Representative that represent you, click on this link
and type in your home address.
Click on the person’s name to get their contact information.

* IOWA UTILITIES BOARD *****************************************
Here is how to contact the Iowa Utilities Board to share your opinion on the proposed Bakken Pipeline:
By Website:
Go to iub.iowa.gov, find docket HLP-2014-0001, and follow the ‘Submit Filing’ steps to express your views.
Send a letter to the IUB by mail or in person:
Iowa Utilities Board, 1375 E. Court Avenue, Room 69, Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0069
Call the IUB by phone:
Utility customer complaints or customer inquiries – 877.565.4450 (toll-free) 515.725.7321 (Des Moines local)
General agency number / non-complaint related questions – 515.725.7300
By Email:
Customer complaints or customer inquiries: customer@iub.iowa.gov
Non-complaint related questions or comments: iub@iub.iowa.gov
By Fax:

* ORGANIZED GROUPS *****************************************
Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition
Northwest Iowa Landowners Association
Iowa Farmland and Landowners Association
No Bakken Here

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