Billionaires head to space as Earth burns

Meanwhile back on Earth, life goes on for those of us working to clean up the mess created by crony capitalism (to borrow a phrase from Mitt Romney) and rampant industrialization. One important thing you can do to make a difference is talk with your local elected officials about the climate emergency.

While it’s never a bad time to talk with politicians, you’re most likely to have their full attention leading up to an election. Continue Reading →

Naked Athena, Wall of Moms, and a Navy vet encapsulate evolutionary spirit of nonviolent resistance

Nonviolent action is inherently creative. It is sometimes risky, often quirky. At its most effective, it catches the forces of oppression off guard, ripping apart their facade of legitimacy and exposing the raw ugliness of systemic violence. Continue Reading →

Bold Iowa straw poll

The biggest surprise is that Jay Inslee finished fifth, not first. Climate voters seem unwilling to reward Inslee for his singular prioritization of the climate crisis. They’re drawn to other candidates who appear solid on climate, yet who also resonate on levels where Inslee fails to connect. Continue Reading →