Sally Diane letter of support

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[Unsolicited letter, sent November 21, 2018]

Dear Ed,

I hope this finds you doing well. I appreciate being on your email thread so that I can periodically keep informed of your activities.

My main intention for writing to you is to give you a long overdue “Thank You!” The incident I’m thanking you for involves an experience that happened back in the 80s, when David worked with you… There was a meeting that occurred involving 5-6 (white) guys and me, as lone female present. I don’t recall the exact banter that the conversation devolved into, except to say, it had strong sexist overtones…. I grew uncomfortable. I spoke up, despite feeling very nervous, about my discomfort. Every other guy in the room became immediately dismissive and minimized my feelings. You intervened and asserted (paraphrased): My feelings are important and the roomful of men needed to listen to how their comments made the only female in the room feel…. That was my FIRST experience with being validated for my discomfort with sexist/misogynistic comments…

I never have forgotten this experience. You actually helped to embolden me to speak up and out more frequently. I have shared this story many, many, many times with people – mainly to illustrate why that was such a powerful experience for me – the rarity of it. (Still extremely rare!)

Thank you, Ed. You live your truth – and it has had profound consequences in meaningful and positive ways.

I love you, my friend. This Thanksgiving it is my privilege to finally thank you for being a gift in my life.


From the heart of Sally Diane