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{Here’s the email people received today from David Nir, Political Director of Daily Kos, raising funds for Patty Judge and stating that she is already the Democratic nominee.}

From: Daily Kos <>
Date: Mar 7, 2016 3:38 PM
Subject: Let’s help the Democrat who’s going to make Chuck Grassley pay a price for Supreme Court gridlock

Ed, the importance of having a Democratic president name the next Supreme Court justice cannot be overstated, so if Senate Republicans won’t allow a nomination through this year, then it’s up to us to make them pay the price and install a new Democratic majority come 2017.

Daily Kos is adding Patty Judge to our endorsement slate of Democratic candidates challenging at-risk GOP senators. She’ll face off against longtime GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley this fall.

Can you chip in $3 to to Democrat Patty Judge to beat Chuck Grassley and elect a Democratic Senate majority?

Chuck Grassley is no mere foot soldier in the GOP’s war on the Supreme Court: As chair of the Judiciary Committee, he’s Mitch McConnell’s top lieutenant in promoting the total blockade of any nominee Barack Obama might name to replace Antonin Scalia on the bench.

But Grassley, forced to defend the indefensible, is not holding up well under the glare of the spotlight. And that’s a serious problem for him, since he just earned his most formidable opponent in decades, former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge.

Grassley’s been accustomed to winning by wide margins every six years, but his outlook could be very different in 2016. A new PPP poll finds his job approval rating falling to a middling 47 percent positive/44 percent negative, a considerable drop from his 52-30 score just two months ago. What’s more, PPP’s survey also finds that Iowans want to see the Supreme Court vacancy filled this year, rather than kept open until next year, by a 56-40 margin—and all of this comes before a single attack ad has aired.

Judge, a farmer and a nurse who won two terms as state agriculture secretary before getting elected lieutenant governor in 2006, has already made it clear that she plans to go right at Grassley for advocating Washington dysfunction.

Please donate $3 to help Patty Judge make Chuck Grassley pay a price for the GOP’s war on the Supreme Court.

Thank you,
David Nir
Political Director, Daily Kos

2 Replies to “Tell Daily Kos to back-off!”

  1. Mary Krier

    I’ve known Patty Judge before her political career and all through its different manifestations – she is perceived as a political opportunist in Iowa Democratic circles – sour, officious, and entitled, with no legacy of accomplishment in any of her elected positions. Her political aspirations far exceed her ability to lead. What is she thinking at 73 or 74 years of age?

  2. Brenda Milligan

    Patty Judge has the experience to cut through the mess that Grassley has created. We as taxpayers should not have to fight big money to get candidates on the ballot.


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