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DOCKET NO. HLP-2014-0001

Pursuant to the “Order Setting Procedural Schedule” issued in this docket by the Board on June 8, 2015, [name of party] hereby petitions to intervene in this proceeding. In support, [Name] states as follows:

[A clear and concise statement of the petitioner’s interest in the proceeding. For example, “[Name] is the owner of land that would be crossed by the proposed pipeline if it is approved.”]

[A statement of how the petitioner’s interests are unique and require representation in addition to the existing parties. Example:  “[Name’s] property interest is distinct from the interests of any other affected landowner.”]

[A statement of the extent to which the petitioner intends to participate in the proceedings, such as “At this time, [Name] intends only to monitor the filings” or “[Name] intends to participate in this proceeding by submitting prepared direct testimony and exhibits and active participation at the hearing including cross-examination of witnesses.”]

[A statement of whether the petitioner is or expects to be represented by an attorney of law, such as “[Name] will be represented by counsel identified below” or “[Name] intends to retain counsel prior to the hearing.”]

WHEREFORE [petitioner’s name] respectfully requests that the Board issue an order granting this petition to intervene [and any other relief the petitioner may seek].

Respectfully submitted,

[Signature block with full contact information: Name, address, email, telephone.]


Anyone seeking to file objections, comments, and letters of support in this docket may do so by using the Iowa Utilities Board’s Electronic Filing System (EFS), citing the docket number, and clicking on the “Submit Filing” tab and following all instructions to log-in as a guest, upload documents and receive a filing ID number. Persons lacking computer access may file written comments by mailing them to the Iowa Utilities Board, Executive Secretary, Docket No. HLP-2014-0001, 1375 E. Court Ave., Rm 69, Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0069. For help, contact the EFS Help Desk Monday through Friday: (515) 725-7337.

12 Replies to “Petition to Intervene”

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  2. Tim Kruse

    We do not want or need this or any other pipeline crossing our state. It is not much of a benefit for Iowa, and when it does rupture it will ruin our farmland and possibly our drinking water for many decades if not centuries. These pipelines should not even be considered. The companies behind them are also using strong arm tactics to get land owners to sign, which is or should be illegal and is immoral.

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  4. Alexandra KERIAKEDES

    Thanks for sending me this timely information. July 27./28. will be a showdown before the
    Nebraska Supreme Court re: property condemnation attempts by Transcanada …..seeking
    to gain easements against Nebraska landowners ….” eminent domain ” ….. this for a
    FOREIGN CORPORATION !!! NOT for the common good of Nebraskans,, rather most
    certainly against our interests. Attorney Dave Domina has taken up the cause of these
    people and, we strongly believe, will prevail in the final decision. GO BIG DAVE !

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  6. Alexandra KERIAKEDES

    Wow ! You know how to tell these horror tales, Ed ! Maybe you’d like to do it up as a
    document (or pamphlet) to be distributed by such as the “Iowa Farmers’ Union” (and,
    of course) my own “Nebraska Farmers’ Union” …… ? and Duane Hovorka’s “Nebraska
    Wildlife Federation” ?? …… Sorry I missed you before the Neil Young concert last Thurs./ +
    “INFO / EXPO” for the good of multiple environmentally friendly causes out in front of
    the Pinnacle Bank Arena …… Had brief skirmish with a Canadian (prominent red
    maple leaves on his white headband) standing in line at beer concession ……. sang him
    the Pipeline “Fight(er) anthem at full volume (which drew applause from several who
    had heard him roar into his sales pitch for the wonderful wealth-producing KXL with its
    thousands of happy, wealthy-becoming employees …… ( he forgot to mention their
    appellation of “scrupeless” ( sorry …… forgot how to get “spell-check” on this newer
    machine !!… just took a stab …..( it’s the sincerity that counts in the end !)

    ( to the tune of that ditty known in Huskerland simply as ” No Place !” ) ….chosen because
    a good bus song (marching song) is one whose melody is remembered even in one’s sleep!)

    ( You can hear the original version with band accompaniment on .)

    ” NO, we don’t want any TARRRRRRR SANDDDDDDS!” !!! Tar sands are bad for YOUUUUUU

    They stink and they poison, the girls and the boys ‘an (‘un) …..
    Our water yet pure through and throughhhhhhhh !

    Keep your sewage in your ownnnnnnnnn land …… or donate it to Japan …..
    …… Russia or China ……….. now what could be fine-uh ……

    TRAN SCRAM DA, …… You should be BANNED ! ……….UNHHHHHHH !

    ( last syllable known as a “stinger” in pep band genre.

    WAR !!!!! ……and HEALTH ! ~~Alex Keriakedes~~

    ( on Facebook ….. and Twitter ……. but totally uncontrolled so ……at one’s own risk. )

  7. Janis Grant

    Iowans reap NO benefit from the Bakken Pipeline! It will pollute our water, our air, and damage our health when it LEAKS…as we KNOW it will.
    Citizens should not be forced to provide land for this horrible project!!


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