Patsy Larson letter of support

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I have been asked by Ed Fallon to relate my understanding and thoughts involving the public attacks on him by Heather Pearson and Jessica Fears. I became friends with all three of these individuals in 2016 due to my involvement in the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition. Many of the protests by the Coalition took place in Boone County, where I live. There were numerous occasions where Heather Pearson was a guest in my home.

Some of the actions that took place in Boone County involved officers from the Boone County Sheriff’s office. Heather developed what appeared to be a crush on one of the officers after her initial arrest. Her nickname for him was “Officer Hotness.” As time went on she would entertain us with stories of her interaction with the officer. I have no knowledge that the relationship went beyond flirting but the repetitive stories consumed her interaction with others and seemed quite childish and immature.

I can’t pinpoint the date Heather related to me that she had an intimate interaction with Ed in a hotel room in Washington, DC. She told me it was consensual and that she had stopped the interaction shortly after it began and that Ed had agreed to stop. I remember wondering why she was telling me the story and felt it was none of my business.

Midsummer of 2018, I recall seeing a Facebook post by Bold Iowa which included responses of vicious attacks on Ed by Heather and Jessica, calling him a sexual predator. I was shocked by these accusations and found them highly inappropriate. In August of 2018, I responded to a Facebook post by Heather where she attacked Hillary Clinton. I felt the need to defend Hillary but was attacked by Heather and many of her friends for defending patriarchy and not being “woke.” Heather and I continued our conversation on Messenger and I asked why there was a crusade against Ed. (Angie Carter, another Coalition member, had been at my home that same day and said Heather had contacted her hoping, I assume, to dig up dirt on Ed.) Heather related that she had confronted Ed about the Washington, DC, incident and was upset that he turned the responsibility of the incident on her. She denied there was a crusade against Ed, but it is clear to me that was not true. I had frequently noticed any post by Ed through Bold Iowa had brought on renewed attacks on Ed by Jessica Fears specifically.

I am Treasurer of the Iowa Chapter Sierra Club and a member of the Executive Committee. In August of 2019, I first heard that the National organization was considering what to do about complaints made by Heather concerning Ed. Heather had been hired by the National Sierra Club to represent the Beyond Coal Campaign in Omaha.

On an Executive Committee conference call shortly after that, the Chair announced that the Iowa Sierra Club would not be allowed to sponsor or participate in any event in which Bold Iowa or Ed Fallon was involved. This included the upcoming Climate Crisis Parade, which was scheduled for February 1, 2020. I was very upset about this news and asked if the complaint included assault or rape and if legal charges had been filed. I knew the answer was no but wanted others on the call to know as well.

I could not believe things had escalated to this level and the National Sierra Club had become involved in the character assassination and destruction of Ed Fallon. Heather has made the case that Ed is a predator and no woman is safe to be in his company. I have been in the company of Ed Fallon many times and have never felt threatened nor have I witnessed any threatening behavior. He continues to be a strong advocate for climate change and other urgent causes in the world.

I believe, in this particular situation, there has been a distortion and abuse of “Me Too” and “Believe the Woman.” It is a sad situation for everyone involved.

Respectfully submitted,

Patsy Larson
Boone, Iowa