On this week’s Fallon Forum . . .

The Fallon Forum: September 18, 2018, 11:00 – 12:00 noon

We focus on last week’s historic lawsuit against the Dakota Access Pipeline: Puntenney, et al vs Iowa Utilities Board. Guests include landowner Keith Puntenney, Pam Mackey-Taylor with the Iowa Sierra Club, and Christine Nobiss with Indigenous Iowa.

Here’s the link to last Wednesday’s court hearing: Iowa Supreme Court Livestream

Here’s the link to the Pacifica Radio program Keith Puntenney did last week: Sprouts: Iowa Landowners Sue Dakota Access Pipeline

It’s impossible to know when the Iowa Supreme Court will issue its ruling on the case. Best estimates are that it may take six months. So it’s important to continue to take every possible opportunity to educate the public about the importance of this lawsuit! Share the above links far and wide, and stay tuned for regular updates and additional calls to action.

Thanks! – Ed Fallon

One Reply to “On this week’s Fallon Forum . . .”

  1. Rodger Routh

    Good work to all the pipeline fighters. Corporate greed is killing the planet for future generations. We must resist!