My Endorsement for US Senate

Dear Friends,

For over a year, the political segment of my brain has been able to process only one thing: the presidential primary. With that ordeal behind us (well, maybe), I’d like to turn your attention to Iowa’s US Senate race.

Three Eds are better than two: Mauro, Bloomer and Fallon at the Des Moines Catholic Worker House, where Eddie Mauro is a frequent volunteer serving meals and helping out.

It’s unusual that I have a good friend running for the US Senate. In this race, I have three: Cal Woods, Kimberly Graham, and Eddie Mauro. I’d be happy with any of the three as the Democratic nominee to take on Joni Ernst. But Eddie Mauro has my support, and I hope you’ll vote for him as well.

Eddie and I go back so far that when I first met him I had a full head of hair. We met at a homeless camp by the river, bringing food and supplies to the poorest of the poor. That mission wasn’t just a one-time stint for Eddie, who has continued to work tirelessly for those in need throughout his life.

Eddie’s also a true climate champion. Read the plan he released when he was running for US Congress in 2018. It’s solid. It’s the kind of perspective we desperately need in the US Senate.

I hope you’ll join me in voting now — yes, now, since it looks like the June 2 primary will be exclusively by mail. Click here to get your ballot. Let’s nominate Eddie Mauro — a voice for climate action, an advocate for the poor, and a strong challenger to unseat Joni Ernst in November.


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Ed Fallon