Lora Fraracci letter of support

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To Whom it May Concern,

My Name is Lora Fraracci. I live at 3805 Carpenter Ave, Des Moines, Iowa. I have lived in Iowa for 22 years.

I first met Ed Fallon in the early 2000s. He was running for Governor and I volunteered for his campaign. Throughout the subsequent years we became friends. Ed is basically a silly guy. Whether we are playing pool and trash-talking each other or attending a potluck, Ed is upbeat, funny and interesting. He is not someone who yells, berates or tries to lord it over anyone.

I have had many opportunities to work with Ed on climate issues. I supported Bold Iowa and other activists when the Bakken pipeline was approved here in Iowa. I saw Ed support Indigenous folks, women and young activists. From everything I have seen, Ed Fallon supports and respects women. That has been my experience and the experience of many people I know.

In July of 2019, I noticed that a Facebook friend by the name Heather Pearson was saying really awful things about Ed Fallon AND Bold Iowa on public Facebook pages. I had met and talked to Heather the previous year when she was a Bold Iowa volunteer. I was impressed by her passion and commitment to climate action. I was very surprised she was passing rumor and blatant lies about Ed Fallon in such a public area. In addition, I did not agree with her. I called her out on the slanderous things she was saying and that was when I started getting harassed by Heather Pearson and her friend Jessica Fears. Both have said they feel unsafe around Ed. I asked them why? I really wanted to know so I could be informed. It became very clear to me this was less about keeping women safe and more about a personal vendetta.

Heather has tried to dox me as in name me on a Facebook post saying how awful I am. I told her to take it down because that made me feel unsafe. I have daughters and didn’t particularly want their names readily available for Heather’s “friends.” I was getting statements like “that Lora is disgusting,” also this from Jessica Fears… “Lora Fraracci You put a lot of women in an awkward position by refusing to believe them about their abuse at the hands of Ed Fallon.”

I had recently unblocked Jessica because I wanted to surveil her comments on the Bold Iowa fb page. She made the above comment on a mutual friend’s post. I had originally blocked Jessica because she was harassing me on posts to promote a fundraiser of an organization I am on the Board of.

As an assault survivor myself I want accountability and consequences for those that abuse their power. I don’t want someone to use the #metoo movement to further their personal agenda. And I want to be clear here. Heather Pearson has stated multiple times she wants to destroy Bold Iowa and Ed Fallon. And that must include anyone who is connected to Bold Iowa. She has created a fissure in the activist community with her false allegations and that is the saddest thing in this whole deal.

Furthermore, I certify under penalty of perjury and pursuant to the laws of the state of Iowa that the preceding is true and correct.

Lora Fraracci