Cheryl Child letter of support

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To whom it may concern:

I have known Ed Fallon for over 20 years, since our children were in elementary school together in Des Moines, Iowa.  Over the years, he and I have had dozens of interactions. Parties, meetings, conversations, both in private and public spaces. I have never known Ed to be anything but a respectful human being, and have never had anything but positive interactions with him.

I spent a week marching in the cross-country climate march he organized in 2014. I brought and slept in my RV during that week, offering medical help to marchers who needed it. Ed took me up on my offer to take a break from his tent, and slept in the loft of the RV during that week as well. He never, during that time, made any inappropriate gestures or remarks.

Based on over 20 years of friendship with Ed, I have come to know him as someone who is extremely passionate about the climate, and at times stubborn, but I also know him as a humble person, at times even self-deprecating, but never sexually inappropriate.

Furthermore, I certify under penalty of perjury and pursuant to the laws of the state of Iowa that the preceding is true and correct.

Dr. Cheryl Child
Certified Independent Health Coach
Global Director