Carol Spaulding-Kruse letter of support

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I was dismayed to learn from Ed’s recent Fallon Forum message that he has been struggling with accusations of sexual misconduct by Heather Pearson for a while, now. I have known Ed since 2011, when my husband started his solar PV business and Ed invited Tim onto his show. Many of my friends at Quaker Meeting also knew Ed and had been friends since his days at the legislature, so I was inclined to think well of him.

Since that time, we have spent many hours with Ed, and his partner Kathy, when she came into his life. In addition, because I’m a writing teacher and a publisher, I had several conversations with Ed while he was working on his book, Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim. I have never had even a moment of concern, not even a raised eyebrow, regarding Ed’s conduct with me. Nor have I heard of any such conduct from women who are friends of mine who have spent far more time with him.

Since I have read his book, I know that Ed has made mistakes in judgment. He admits to them in writing, and that can’t be easy. He can sometimes be a poor judge of character—too trusting, perhaps. Something about his leadership didn’t sit well with some folks, or he wouldn’t have found himself making the last leg of that journey to Washington, D.C. utterly alone. To be honest, though, a certain fringe element on that march probably couldn’t have been led by Gandhi, himself. Get to know anyone close enough, says Alain de Bouton, and you’ll see their warts, for sure. But that doesn’t make Ed a sexual predator. In fact, if his account is true, it is arguable that he is the victim of sexual predation: he said no, and he was punished for it.

I have had plenty of opportunity to see Ed’s true colors, and so have a community of people I respect a great deal. What I see is a fine human being of consistent character whose dedication to saving the planet is the second most important priority in his life. His first priority, from my observation, is living a good (and sustainable!) life with and for the people he cares about.

I am a full professor of English at Drake University, where I have served on the faculty since 1996. I would be willing to speak on Ed’s behalf and to sign this statement as my sworn testimony. – Carol Spaulding-Kruse