Branstad Owes Iowa Answers on Pipeline

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Iowans Deserve Answers From Branstad on Pipeline Legislation, Fallon Says

A day after being arrested for sit-in protest, former Iowa lawmaker encourages Iowans to engage in their own principled acts of conscience to protect air, land, water and people

Des Moines, Iowa —

Ed Fallon is out of jail after he was arrested last night during a sit-in protest at Governor Branstad’s office, and the former state representative says the Governor still owes Iowans an explanation about his position on pending eminent domain legislation at the Statehouse.

“By continuing to remain silent, Governor Branstad gives the perception that he approves of an out-of-state Big Oil corporation using his administration to condemn private farmland,” Fallon said.


At the beginning of this year’s legislative session, Branstad warned lawmakers not to interfere with the Iowa Utilities Board permitting process. But grassroots pressure from farmers, environmentalists and others have forced some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to buck Big Oil and Big Labor interests to draft and debate legislation that could place additional restrictions on eminent domain powers for the project.

Fallon’s first public remarks after his civil disobedience arrest yesterday also included a call to action for all Iowans to take principled acts of conscience and vigil, rally, demonstrate, sit-in, lobby and speak-out to stop the Bakken oil pipeline.

“During my walk across Iowa this year, I was inspired by the courage shown by family farmers fighting this pipeline and I sincerely believe that now is the time for all Iowans to take principled action to stop the pipeline,” Fallon said.

Fallon is due to appear in court on Wednesday, May 27 at 1pm.

“I’m exploring my options and haven’t made a decision about what legal route to take yet,” Fallon said. Iowa trespass law contains a necessity exemption, and the looming climate-change crisis and pending eminent domain legislation in the waning days of the 2015 legislative session could form the basis for a necessity defense.


3 Replies to “Branstad Owes Iowa Answers on Pipeline”

  1. jessica

    Would it be tasteful to possibly organize a small group ( or large group) to also make an appearance on May 27th?

  2. Susan

    Great idea! We’ve done many gatherings in Nebraska to fight the XK pipeline . Do it!

  3. Bruce Fleming

    I honestly thing the anti-pipeline folks are taking the wrong approach. The pipeline companies have a lot of money, and will eventually get government to go along with them. What needs to be done is to take away enough of the incentive that they chose not to build the pipeline.

    With rail transportation, the railroads are paid for every barrel shipped. So are the pipeline companies. Well, Iowa Farm Land is there to produce wealth for the owner. Letting the pipeline company get by with a one time payment for disrupting the land is not acceptable. If the pipeline company gets money from moving oil, they should be forced to split that revenue with the land owners as long as they pump oil. Same for electrical transmission lines. Cut into their windfall profits enough and they will go elsewhere.