Action Sunday

Dear Friends,

It’s Action Sunday (ok, I totally just made that up), and I’d like you to do three simple things:

(1) Any time you hear a public official use the words “cash per se” in reference to economic development assistance, back away very slowly, one hand on your wallet, keeping your gaze fixed on said public official. That’s my partial take on Principal Financial’s hunt for taxpayer money. Read my opinion piece in the Sunday Register and tell me what you think.

(2) The Great March for Climate Action is on! Be one of the first to “like” our Facebook page. More soon.

(3) Please, please. Patronize the local businesses who support the Fallon Forum. This program would not be possible without them, and they need to hear from you. Here’s a list of our current business partners and sponsoring organizations:

Organizational Sponsors
Physicians for Social Responsibility, Iowa Chapter
Sierra Club Iowa Chapter
Iowa Legal Aid

Business Partners
Community CPA & Associates
Cyd’s Catering
Dan Kelley, Realtor
Dianna’s Wedding Cakes
Family Tree (Erin Murphy)
Fighting Burrito
Gateway Market
HoQ Restaurant
Leonard Tinker Heating & Cooling
Max Wellman Music
Ritual Cafe
Sargent’s Garage
S & P Piano
Story County Veterinary Clinic
Tally’s Restaurant Bar & Catering

Monday, we talk drones with Lucas Casey of Liberty Iowa. We also talk climate change and corporate welfare.

Tuesday, Josh Mandelbaum with the Environmental Law Policy Center and I discuss renewable energy and water quality. And Fred Van Liew, director of The Center for Restorative Justice Practices, joins us to discuss criminal justice.

Wednesday, I’m still working on content, but I know for sure that Ying Sa with Community CPA will be with us to answer tax and accounting questions.

Thursday, State Representative Dan Kelley, Nakisha Phillips, and Max Wellman are my guests.

Friday, Ron Yarnell joins me in the studio, as does Heather Ryan with Ryan’s Rants. Also, Iowa Legal Aid’s Scott Hartsook discusses the upcoming Justice After Hours event.

So, Monday-Friday, join the conversation online from 12:00-1:00 pm on the Fallon Forum website. Call-in at 244-0077 or toll free (855) 244-0077 and add your voice to the dialogue. If you miss a show, video and audio-only podcasts are available later in the day. Thanks!


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