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In 2013, Ed Fallon founded the Great March for Climate Action (Climate March).  After a year of organizing, in 2014 the March embarked on its eight-month, 3,000-mile trek from Los Angeles, CA to Washington, DC.  Around 35-50 people were with the March on a daily basis, with thousands joining for shorter durations and gatherings. Ed was one of five marchers to walk every step of the way from coast to coast. After hearing the first-hand experiences about the climate crisis from people all across the nation, Ed continues his climate activism through the non-profit, Climate Action NOW! (CAN!).
Ed created the presentation “Climate March: An Odyssey of Survival” to share the experiences and stories from the Great March for Climate Action.  Ed has presented this over 25 times in 5 states in 2015, and is scheduling more.
When the Climate March was in Nebraska, news broke that Energy Transfer Partners was proposing a new pipeline that would cut diagonally across Iowa.  With this fight being on home turf, Ed is using his statewide connections to stop the pipeline. To reduce the effects of climate change, fossil fuels need to be kept in the ground.  Any pipeline, including the proposed Bakken Oil Pipeline will foster the use of fossil fuels, exacerbating the problem.
In March 2015, Ed embarked on the Iowa Pipeline Walk, a two-month, 400-mile trek following the path of the proposed pipeline. The mission was fourfold: (1) talk with landowners, (2) conduct media interviews, (3) publish a daily blog, and (4) hold public meetings. The Walk was both challenging and successful, garnering tons of positive publicity. The daily blog posts were well-received and widely circulated, and a publisher is now working with Ed to help turn them into a book. The Walk resulted in a strong network of landowners, many who were not even aware that there were other pipeline opponents in the next county over.
In November 2015, Ed will be continuing the Climate March in tandem with the UN Climate Summit in Paris, November 30 – December 11. Steve Martin, who walked 3,300 miles from Los Angeles to New York City last year (Steve was with Ed from LA to CO), will be joining Ed to walk from Normandy to Paris. Click here for more details on the Walk to Paris for Climate Action.

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