Iowan Runs for Sierra Club Board

Hi Friends,

Long-time Iowa Sierra Club activist, Donna Buell of Spirit Lake, is running for re-election to the National Board of Directors of the Sierra Club. If you are a member of the Sierra Club, please support her. If you’re not a member of the Sierra Club, well, perhaps this is a great time to join! Let’s help send Donna back to Washington . . . but not in the way we usually mean that expression. Below is her info, and thanks so much in advance. – Ed

RESIDENCE: Spirit Lake, Iowa
OCCUPATION: Lawyer and Volunteer Environmental Activist

SIERRA CLUB LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: National: Board of Directors (2010-present); Club Treasurer (2012-present); Club Secretary (2011-2012); Club Investment Committee (2010-present); Club Audit Committee (2010-2012); Finance and Risk Management Advisory Committee (2008-present); State: Iowa Chapter Executive Committee (2004-2010); Chapter Treasurer (2008-present).

OTHER LEADERSHIP POSITIONS: Okoboji Protective Association Board of Directors (1998-present); Iowa Environmental Protection Commission (2003-2007).

STATEMENT: Sierra Club activists are needed now more than ever. As climate disruption becomes more tangible, and U.S. political inflexibility continues to stifle innovation, we are the ones to lead public discussion on climate awareness, influence needed legislation, and win key environmental lawsuits.

Sierra Club has a proven track record for identifying environmental problems and providing solutions. Protecting our public lands and wilderness areas, moving our country towards clean energy based on renewables and conservation, our environmental accomplishments support the Club’s $100 million dollar annual budget — the largest in Sierra Club history. As Club Treasurer, I have responsibility over the Club’s investments, budgeting process, and financial management. Prudent fiscal oversight remains a priority for me as a Director.

Living in Iowa, watching neighborhood caucuses kick off Presidential campaigns and swing-state battles that continue thru election eve, I’ve experienced first-hand the empowerment of retail politics at the Presidential level. Iowa has become a leader in renewable energy, paving its way to a sustainable energy future. Yet, water use and pollution issues remain priorities for much of our agricultural heartland, and for me.

I ask for your vote so I may continue helping Sierra Club confront the most important issues facing our Club and the planet. Sierra Club has a powerful and unique role in curbing climate change. Now we must offer a clean energy vision to meet the challenges we face. And we need to expand our climate focus beyond the energy grid and transportation solutions. To build that critical mass for societal change, we should reach out to younger and more diverse audiences.

As Director, I will work to expand peer-to-peer and online fundraising strategies so that our programs are adequately funded. I will encourage others to join our mission thru exploring and enjoying the outdoors, focusing especially on our outreach to youth and families. I will strengthen our environmental justice efforts, defending our impoverished communities as we transition to cleaner energy solutions.

As the first Board member from Iowa, I will contribute my rural farming heritage and appreciation for the land to help grow our Club. Endorsed by Sierra Club Directors Black, Boldman, Chin, Cox, Dougherty, Fahn, Helm, Mair, Reyes, Scott, Walsh, Warshaw, Wilder and former Director Mann.

CONTACT: (712) 336-2103.

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