Lawsuit Dropped!

Dear Friends,

Thursday afternoon, I received a call from my attorney, Joseph Glazebrook. He shared two bits of unexpected news relevant to Leonard Boswell’s lawsuit against me.

The first was bad: Boswell’s attorney, Steve Wandro (interestingly, also the attorney for the Iowa Democratic Party) requested that my counter suit be dismissed. Surprisingly, the judge ruled in Boswell’s favor. That seemed so wrong, that Boswell could say I was lying yet I did not have a right to claim he was attempting to stymie my First Amendment rights.

Fortunately, I did not have too long to dwell on the bad news. Joseph told me he had just received a communication from Boswell’s lawyer indicating they were going to drop the lawsuit!

Wow! What a weird place the judicial world can be! I was surprised when Boswell filed the lawsuit in the first place. Both Joseph and I were surprised when he didn’t drop the lawsuit immediately after the election. We were surprised that Boswell’s attorney continued to pursue various legal maneuvers, even winning the first ruling. And then suddenly: case dropped!

It feels good to be able to put this behind me and focus again on the work of growing a progressive talk show. And Boswell’s decision to drop the case is affirmation that I was telling the truth.

Again, I am sincerely grateful to everyone who contributed time, effort and money to my defense. I am most grateful to the phenomenal legal counsel provided me by Joseph Glazebrook and his colleague, Thomas Hurd. Altogether, approximately $4,000 was contributed toward my legal expenses. When all the bills are paid, there will likely be funds left over. I presume that those of you who contributed will be comfortable with me redirecting that money toward my talk show.

And if anyone still questions whether an online talk show can influence the political process, the fact that it landed me a lawsuit should settle that conversation.

Monday, it’s Martin Luther King Day; we’ll talk about King’s legacy and the inspiration he received from Mahatma Gandhi. And I’ll throw this out there: would the Presidential Inauguration be scheduled on any other holiday? Christmas, for example? New Year’s Day? I simply don’t get the cavalier attitude toward ML King Day. What is it, some some kind of second-tier holiday?

Also today, we discuss Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey’s comparison of Obamacare to fascism and his ridiculously awkward attempts to back-pedal. He even says, fascism has “got so much baggage attached to it,” and it “is a damaged word.” Really?? So, what, like Hitler and Mussolini spoiled the concept for all the good fascists out there?

Tuesday, we talk about education. Governor Branstad indicates he’s willing to break the law and flaunt the deadline for establishing the level of allowable growth for K-12 schools in order to advance his own education priorities. Also, we discuss the possible (imminent?) closing of Des Moines’ Gateway School. And what’s this talk of changing the requirements for school superintendents to allow those with military or business backgrounds to qualify? Doesn’t it make sense to require an education background? What next: putting a teacher in charge of Principal Financial? A school administrator in charge of national defense?

Wednesday, Dr. Charles Goldman and I discuss guns, gun violence and Sandy Hook with Cheryl Thomas of Iowans for Gun Safety. A big question on my mind is why Hollywood and entertainment violence drew no mention in President Obama’s proposal in response to the massacre in Newtown.

Thursday, we talk healthcare with State Sen. Jack Hatch and State Rep. Dan Kelley. I’m particularly interested in their take on Wellmark receiving state approval for its huge hike in premiums for some subscribers. And what impact will the pending health-insurance exchange have on Iowa?

Friday, I’m still working on the details, but I’ve got several topics in the hopper, including Wal-mart’s warm and fuzzy talk about hiring more veterans and stocking more American-made products. Truth or fiction?

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